Here is a sample of what our patients are saying!
I was a new patient at your office last month and was surprised at how friendly the staff was.

Brandon Black

Thank you for seeing me in pain. My tooth hurt so bad all i could do was cry.Your staff was great. I will be back.


I just want to thank Highland Family Dentistry.They did such a good job on my teeth. They gave me my smile back!I used to go out and could not smile,now I smile all the time.I have always been scared to go to the dentist.They were very nice and loved on me.God bless you all.

Debbie Mitchell

My overall experience with Highland Family Dentistry was OUTSTANDING! The entire staff is super friendly and the customer service experience is out of this world. Dr. Bahrami is not only awesome at what she does but she is personable and takes the time to build a genuine rapport with her patients in educating us on our dental visit. It is truly a family-oriented establishment. Thank you, Highland Family Dentistry for keeping my smile healthy, clean and bright. I will always recommend Highland Dentistry to every family.

Ths Fann Family

Highland Family Dentistry is extremely professional, and very very polite. Not just because they have to be but because that is just how they all are naturally!! I can since out fakeness and there is nothing fake about the people who work here.. I have to bring my son with me and they treat him like royalty!!! Very sweet team of ladies!!! I will definitely be visiting them again and referring all my friends and family!!!

-Cherica Doss

The staff at Highland Family Dentistry are warm and welcoming. You are treated with the highest professionalism. I am happy to be a patient.

Brandy Johnson

The best dentist and staff my husband and I have ever been to. They are the same every time we go. I can't say enough about Highland Family Dentistry

Shirley Stovall

To Dr. Bahrami and staff,
This is an overdue thank you from me.Thanks to all of you i can now smile and laugh without being embaressed.I have spent 2 years ashamed to smile or even have a night on the town.My mom found you and i made an appointment.I thank you for trusting me.I can now go and meet up with my first love again.Thank you for giving me my life back!

Your most apprehensive patient,
Vivian Couch

I just want to say thank you to dr azita bahrami and staff. I now have a great smile and i am not afraid to smile anymore.For anyone looking for a great dentist and great staff this is the place to go!Thanks to them i had the confidence to apply for a new job and got it!Thank you girls!


The doctor was genuinely concerned of my fear and pain. 2 crowns and 3 fillings replaced in less than an hour. I went back to work----amazing!!!!Pain free like she promised.
Thank you!

Kim Arrington

Its always a pleasure to visit Highland Dentistry. You have an awesome staff. I have been to several dentist in this area and Highland is the best.I always recieve friendly smiles! I was so impressed that I sent my husband to make an appointment and witness it for himself.He was driving over 40 miles to his dentist. They won him over as well. Dr. Azita Bahrami is not only creating beautiful smiles,but she also knew how to pick a beautiful staff.Keep up the good work!

April Mathis

Great office!!!Dr. Bahrami is great! She took the time to explain everything to me. The staff went above and beyond to help me. I am glad I am a patient at Highland Family Dentistry.I called the office in alot of pain.They saw me the same day and made my toothache go away.I had my teeth bleached and they look great!The staff was great too!


I am glad i found a dentist who cares about people. I went in for tooth pain and Dr. Bahrami explained to me that the pain was coming from a cracked tooth that had infection.When i learned that i needed an extraction i was sorrieed about my face sinking in and looking older. the same day they extracted my tooth i got a new bridge.


I am glad i found you.Thank you for helping me get healthy again.


I just want to say thank you for being so gentle. I have not ever had a dental office be so gentle and cater to cowards.

Melinda S.

I was a new patient at highland family dentistry and they took great care of me.

Tina B.

I just wanted to say I was a patient at this office and went to another office with a toothache.Because of a coupon I received. Lets just say i am happy to be a patient of Dr. Bahrami's. Not all offices are the same.


Oh my gosh I just got my veneers and I can not be happier.I can now smile again.I went from being ashamed to smile to smiling all the time. I am now ready for my career to take off in NY. Thanks Dr. Bahrami I will fly home every 6 months for my check ups!


Thank you for having a great staff. I used to hate to go to the dentist but now that i understand why i need dental treatment i don't mind.


Dr.Bahrami and staff,
I just want to thank you for your willingness to help me. You and your staff go above and beyond the call of duty.I just want you all to know how much you are appreciated! I wish every service business operated from the same pklace of love you operate from. We would have a better world.

Tonya Milam

A nice office and good dentist.


I'm glad i came to your office. I have a child who is so scared f the dentist. Your hygienist was great with her. she cant wait to go back now. she cried when i told her 6 months. lol

Susan A.

Thank you for restoring my smile. I used to be ashamed to smile.Now that i have new teeth i smile all the time!


I sent my husband into your office because I wanted to see what he had to say. He complains about every dentist we have ever been to. He came home raving about Dr. Bahrami and the girls. Went to see them the following week and yes they are great!

Christy R.

I had a toothache on Friday and no one would see me.I called Highland Family Dentistry and Beth answered the phone. She said well Mr. King we do not like to see anyone in pain. She told me to come on in. I arrived and they took my tooth out for me that day! Thank you for seeing me. I will be coming back for a long time.


I am a new happy patient!

Anna M.

This is the friendliest office I have ever been to. I will recommend Dr. Bahrami to my family and friends.

Sue O.

Dr. Bahrami saved my tooth! I was in so much pain and all I could think about was pulling my tooth out and it was in my smile line. She cared enough to explain everything to me so I could make a good decision and it was not bad at all. I had always heard that a rootcanal hurts. Now I am a believer in dentistry does not have to hurt.


Everyone was awesome!


The staff is extremely nice.

Rusty Walker

I am grateful for the entire staff for the level of concern for my dental hygiene and the very personable way I am treated when I arrive.I actually drive from Smyrna each time I visit, however,no complaints.Well worth it! I would recommend you all to the tooth fairy himself....oops, office full of wemon, "herself"LOL! But seriously, I get many compliments on my smile and I always tell them it's because of caring individuals such as yourself. Thanks for everything!!!!

L Banks

My experience at Highland Family Dentistry was the best that I ever received in a dental office. Dr. Bahrami was very nice and took alot of time with me. She was very thorough, and explained my dental needs, concerns, and made me feel very comfortable. I never felt rushed, nor left confused. During my appointment.... from the time I walked in the door, until I left, Dr. Bahrami's entire staff was extremely nice and welcoming. An experience like this is truly hard to fine. I will definitely be recommending them to all of my family and friends!

W Jackson

I have just started visiting Highland Family Dentistry, The office of Dr. Azita Bahrami, after a longtime relationship of over thirty years with my current provider. My experience has been incredible each time I have visited. Every member of the staff is courteous and professional from the moment you walk through the door. Dr. Bahrami explains everything in terms you can understand. I am so happy I made the change!! Thank you for my beautiful new smile!!

Tracey Smith

Great staff and office. Near my home.


The staff is friendly and helpful. The best experience I have had in a dental office. Made me feel relaxed in an unpleasant but necessary procedure.

D. Covington

I had alot of dentistry completed this morning. As usual, the ladies were both kind and patient with me. I respect how descriptive they are during the process and provide positive encouragement and let you know when you are almost finished.

P. Awtrey

Dr. Bahrami and her staff provide excellent care. They are interested in the needs of the patient, and keep you informed during the treatment process.


The best set of women in dentistry I have ever dealt with!

D. Rush

Great staff. Great atmosphere. Highly recommended.


Love the staff!

Y. Newell

What a great bunch pf people! From the start they were courteous and professional. They explained everything that was happening in easy to understand terms. We even came up with a game plan and scheduled what I needed.


Wow! I have never been so impressed with any type of doctors office. The entire staff and Dr. Bahrami were very friendly and professional. Will definitely recommend this office to everyone!

J. Rowell

Every step of my experience at Highland Family Dentistry was unreal! Let me explain. Mindy and Beth who scheduled me for my appointment were so pleasant. Then came Amber who cleaned my teeth. She was so thorough. Dr. Azita your office is friendly,welcoming,knowledgable, and very patient. I love you. Keep up the good work.

C. Wanjii

Very good experience.

S. Pruitt

I have never been more impressed with a dentist and dental practice. They took the time to explain things to me and to comfort me while i was in severe pain.

M. A.

Friendly atmosphere, highly intelligent, felt like home! Thanks everyone at Highland Family Dentistry.


Always timely,professional and cordial.


Excellent service.

C. Policard

The ladies in the office are the best! They treated me like i was the guest of honor at a party. Top notch service at Highland Family Dentistry.

R. Yearwood

Wonderful service, very friendly.I WILL RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE I KNOW.


When it comes to trust, honesty is a leading tribute to uphold. I really feel i received this at Highland Family Dentistry and this will keep us coming back and referring our family/friends. We received facts and timelines.

J. Hall

Always well taken care of. The best dental care I have ever had.

K. Allison

Highly recommended Dr. and staff. Very nice and friendly and love their dental work over all. Five stars!!

S. Sokolowski

Dr. Bahrami and staff are the best!


Great staff (great group of ladies) always feel super clean, after my cleanings! I like how friendly and honest they are;) but, most of all i love my results.


My visit before last was very overwhelming! This last visit everyone was asking how i was doing and telling me how proud of me and made me feel more comfortable. I am so glad I was referred to this dentist!

B. Smith

Highland Family Dentistry is a great family business. The staff is wonderful and they take their time to make sure that you are taken care of. So far this is the best dentist I have ever been to, thanks to Dr. Bahrami for all their hard work.

C. Scott

I was referred to Dr. Bahrami from a staff member who could not stop saying how awesome her and her staff are.

T. D.

I was Extremely pleased with this practice.


The best dentist and most professional staff.

A Yavari

Loved my experience! I cannot understand why anyone would be afraid of the dentist.

F. Izadi

Dr. Bahrami is the coolest dentist ever. She did such a great job on my teeth and her staff is A-1! The best experience I have ever had in a dental office. I am glad I found them.

C. Phillips

Understood the urgency and treatment was excellent!

E Kroll

Great staff! Fully satisfied.

J. Smith

Great customer service!

Y. Newell

Thank you guys so much. Did not feel a thing. See you in a couple of weeks.

h. Pair

My daughter and I are new patients, and the customer service was excellent!!!!!! The staff eased our anxiety and made us feel welcome. The dentist and dental assistant were very thorough in explaining the areas of improvement and provided us with the steps to resolve our issues. I am very pleased with our first visit.


The front office staff is pleasant and inviting. My hygienist thoroughly explained my procedure and made me comfortable with what i needed done.


The best dentist and staff i have ever had! Excellent work and customer service. Highland dentist feels like my family! Highly recommend.


Wonderful dentist!Wonderful office staff. Very professional.




You know I love you guys!


The staff is professional and friendly and professional.

Felita C.

You ladies are awesome. My sincere appreciation for my dental care, and your personal thoughtfulness as I continue to battle against breast cancer.

I just love Dr. Bahrami and all her staff. They always know what to do and say at the right time, for a baby patient like me. I appreciate each and every one of you. Dr. Bahrami is HONEST, CARING, FAST and EFFICIENT than any other dentist I have ever met. SHE IS MY DENTIST!After today I am no longer afraid or dreading going to the dentist. Thats a big statement for me. THANK YOU AZITA BAHRAMI AND STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone was very nice! More importantly, gentle! I am terrified of dentsit, but I think I may be getting over that fear thanks to you!


Consistent with fast friendly service. Our whole family loves this place and its staff. Thanks HFD!


Wonderful Dental Practice!

J Whit

Awesome, as always!

Roddie, L

Just like family.

J. Teru

Always on time!


Amber is the best hygienist around!


My daughters experience was awesome! They told me that they that they wished they had been coming here their entire life! They said it was painless.


Love, love, love these ladies!


Not much else to say about these highly skilled individuals! My smile smile is the result of greatness!

The experience I had was unexpected! It was a great one.


5 Star greatness!


The best care!


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